5 SuperFlex Options for Your Week 6 Lineup
Oct 15- 10 min read

5 SuperFlex Options for Your Week 6 Lineup

As always, the SuperFlex position affords WFS players the opportunity to use a second quarterback in a lineup and maximize the points on a given weekend.

“Affords” is the operative word.

For this article, the players and their salaries have a wide range that spans almost the entire scale from top-to-bottom. This gives us enough flexibility to use the appropriate player with a lineup that can support such a salary.

QB Patrick Mahomes – KC $8,300 at WFT – The most expensive player on the slate — let alone among quarterbacks — is also a name most WFS managers would happily slide into their rosters on a given week. That is, unless the recent play of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense is scaring people away.

It shouldn’t.

Washington’s defense has been a far cry from the dominant squad we saw throughout last year. The Football Team is allowing the second-most points and sixth-most yards in the league. Kansas City ranks in the top-five of almost every important offensive category.

Above all else, the narrative surrounding the Chiefs — questioning their offensive future —  is likely going to push people away from paying a premium for the top name on the slate. If you can set aside enough money for the SuperFlex spot to handle Mahomes’ salary, then he’s an automatic plug-and-play.

WR Cooper Kupp – LAR $7,300 at NYG – I generally like to plan my player pool around those who have a positive game flow. Cooper Kupp actually does not. Why is he a SuperFlex target — let alone the only one who isn’t a quarterback — on Sunday? Because the Los Angeles Rams will either be fighting a close battle with the Giants or will have already pulled away thanks to an early offensive attack. Both of those run through Kupp.

The former in the paragraph above is clearly unlikely, but it’s always wise to plan for every outcome. What if the Giants play well and what if the Rams need to compete for 60 minutes instead of 30 and what if few people considered this possibility? If all those “what if” questions come to fruition, we will be thrilled to use Kupp at a likely moderate ownership level.

Once again, the most common result is simply an ambush by Los Angeles. Kupp and his double-digit targets in all five games is exactly what we want in a lineup.

QB Derek Carr – LV $6,000 at DEN – The major topic-of-conversation around the Las Vegas Raiders is obviously going to be former head coach Jon Gruden, but the reality is that the team still has a game to play. And the best way to move on from a crisis is to step on the field and play well.

Quarterback Derek Carr was playing as well as anyone through the first three weeks of the season.

Clearly, he has taken a step backward over the last two, but that has also helped keep his salary at a point where we can use him as our SuperFlex and have the same upside as always.

The matchup against the Denver Broncos appears to be difficult, however, but that’s where the aforementioned argument of “play well in the face of adversity” can best be applied. We don’t really know what to expect from the Raiders on Sunday following the attention they have received, but we do know that Carr would have to be at the centerpiece of anything positive.

QB Jared Goff – DET $5,900 vs. CIN – We’re definitely ignoring the matchup if we’re targeting Jared Goff against a Cincinnati Bengals defense that ranks eighth-best in net-yards-per-pass-attempt, but this — unlike the aforementioned Kupp — is the game flow play of the weekend.

The Detroit Lions are having an impossibly difficult time winning a football game, but they also haven’t quit. That type of resiliency means that we will get sixth minutes of effort from a team and its quarterback. And, ideally points from Goff in “garbage time.”

That has been the operating procedure so far, as Goff’s numbers in the fourth quarter far surpass anything else he has done early in the matchups. Here’s a snapshot:

1st Quarter: 24-of-35 for 229 yards, 1 TD, and 11 First Downs
2nd Quarter: 29-of-46 for 245 yards, 2 TDs, and 14 First Downs
3rd Quarter: 24-of-36 for 252 yards, 2 TDs, and 12 First Downs
4th Quarter: 54-of-79 for 577 yards, 2 TDs, and 32 First Downs

“Garbage time” points should be the low-end, basement expectation from Goff. At best, he delivers a performance on par with the rest of the other quarterbacks this weekend.

QB Mac Jones – NE $5,700 vs. DAL – The Dallas Cowboys’ defense has turned a corner, and it’s growing more difficult to comfortably play a quarterback against them.


This is not a game for the “comfortable.”

The biggest strength of the Cowboys’ defense right now is the incredibly turnover rate. That is, however, unsustainable. Dallas is still allowing the eight-most yards in the league to opposing offenses. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones has now thrown four touchdowns over his last three games, and only has one dud on his short resume. His price is simply too low for the solid score he can deliver.

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