BetMGM Sportsbook Review: Mobile App, Daily Offers, and Betting Features

BetMGM has spent decades as one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas. With that success they’ve been expanding their sportsbook operation across the United States. Even expanding their online sports betting operation to Canada and Ontario specifically. Recently striking a promotion deal with NHL superstar Connor McDavid to aid in their growth north of the border. Using the BetMGM offer will unlock an exciting product. BetMGM is constantly staying ahead of the curve and well prepared for new states legalizing online sports betting, like BetMGM Texas.

They recently struck a deal with Houston Astros as their official sports betting partner, even though online sports betting is not yet legal in the state of Texas. For everything you need to known about the BetMGM promo, offers, and product read on in our review!

Where Can I Use the BetMGM App?

You can play on the BetMGM Sportsbook app in a bevvy of different US states. As mentioned earlier, they are extremely forward thinking and well prepared for the arrival of new online betting states. With their past success in Las Vegas and marketing power, they are consistently one of the first to market in newly legalized betting markets. With the number of states legalizing online sports betting changing constantly, let’s take a look at the latest BetMGM legal states and BetMGM bonus code available. The sportsbook was apart of the New York online sports betting launch on January 17, 2022.

BetMGM Legal States

State Online Betting Available? Sign-Up Offer Bonus Code
Arizona Yes
Illinois Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Indiana Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Iowa Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Kansas Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Louisiana Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Ohio Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Maryland Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Massachusetts Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Michigan Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Colorado Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Virginia Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
New Jersey Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
Tennessee Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX
West Virginia Yes
Wyoming Yes Claim Offer OWNERSBOX


You have the choice of claiming two different offers with your BetMGM bonus code. These BetMGM promotions are tailored to the type of bettor that you are, it’s nice to have options when claiming a new sign up offer. You can claim either offer if you sign up using bonus code ‘OWNERSBOX’!

BetMGM $1,000 First Bet Offer

The pioneer offer from BetMGM Sportsbook is their $1,000 first bet offer for new depositing users. All you need to do is sign up, make a deposit and place your first wager. If the best loses, you’ll receive the amount of your wager back in bonus bets up to $1,000.

The free bets are credits, and must be wagered within 7 days of them being credited to your account. If your first bet is more than $50 you will receive 5 free bets in denominations of 20%. So if your first bet is $200 and it is graded as loser, you will receive five free bet credits of $40. On the wagers you place with these free bet credits, you’ll get your winnings less the free bet value (Bet $40 to win $80, you’ll get $40 of real money).

This welcome offer with BetMGM bonus code ‘OWNERSBOX’ is great for high bankroll players that are looking to maximize value. You can use your first wager on an underdog to maximize your return, knowing that if the bet loses it will be refunded in free bets. Or you can use your first bet on a favorite to better ensure some winnings to boost your account balance.

BetMGM Massachusetts Is Live

Massachusetts online sports betting is launching on Friday, March 10th, 2023 with just a number of operators going live in the state. BetMGM Massachusetts is one of the few starting to take online sports bets on Friday, and they’ve got a groovy sports betting bonus for new players.

Sign-up and get a $1,000 first bet offer when you register with BetMGM MA promo code OWNERSBOX. Simply click the banner below and create an account to get this early bonus.

BetMGM Maryland

The Old Line State bettors can now bet online! Maryland sports betting apps are be firing, but more important BetMGM is allowing people to sign-up and get a first bet offer of up to $1,000 when you register with promo code ‘OWNERSBOX’.

BetMGM Maryland does have a retail location setup on National Avenue. MGM expands their presence in the state as they prepare for online sports betting apps to launch in a short period of time.

BetMGM Ohio

Ohio online sports betting is live as of January 1st!

Click the banner below and sign-up with promo code OWNERSBOX to get first bet offer up to $1,000. As one of the best Ohio sports betting apps in the market, bonuses will continue to roll of the shelf as we get through the month of January.

BetMGM Ohio

BetMGM Sportsbook Promos

What makes having the BetMGM app so essential for experienced or recreational sports bettors is how well they keep their customers engaged after opening an account. Even if your account balance reaches zero, there are always promotions or offers going on that give enough value to justify another deposit.

Often times they will provide a reload bonus for your second deposit. In this BetMGM offer you deposit up to $100 and you’ll get a 100% deposit match in sports rewards. These will all be available as Ohio sports betting bonuses when the state launches on January 1st.

So for example, if you deposit $50, you’ll then instantly receive a $50 free bet that you can use on any sport. This bet credit must then be used within seven days of being issued.

During the NBA and NHL Playoffs, BetMGM offers overtime insurance! By opting in to this promo you can place a moneyline bet on any NHL or NBA team to win a playoff game and if your team loses in overtime you’ll receive your stake back in sports rewards up to $25. BetMGM also runs a number of bet and get promotions! These offers aren’t as predictable as the others but they’re available multiple times per week. An example of these would be in Major League Baseball, where if you bet $50 on any market and you’ll get $25 to bet on another MLB game.

How to Sign Up For BetMGM

The sign-up process with BetMGM is very straightforward and is done in three steps. You can do this both by mobile device and via desktop/web. BetMGM account creators will need to first input their email and password. Followed by some personal information including your date of birth, citizenship and occupation. This all in accordance with the state licensing requirements based on your location. In the third and final step you’ll verify your mailing address and mobile number.

From there, BetMGM will verify your details internally to allow you to get started. On a case-by-case basis, you may need to confirm you identity with a piece of identification and a photo. You won’t even need to leave the app if you’re on a mobile device as it will give you the option to take a selfie-style photo without having to go to your camera app. You can complete the entire sign up and verification process in a matter of a few minutes.

You can click here to sign up for BetMGM in any legalized state!

Is BetMGM Legal in Canada?

Legal online sports betting is available in Canada at BetMGM. Ontario online sports betting launched on April 4, 2021. Like PointsBet Ontario, the BetMGM app was one of the first available to sports bettors in the province. BetMGM is one of the premier sports betting apps in Canada, they offer some of the best betting lines on Ontario’s favorite teams. You can sign up for BetMGM Ontario today.

BetMGM Ontario

BetMGM Key Features

The BetMGM app is one of the best online sports betting platforms in the industry. There are a number of aspects of the product that make it so successful. Let’s get into a few that stick out the most.

Edit My Bet

One of the unique features on their online sportsbook is “Edit My Bet”. Everyone’s done it before, perhaps you bet on the wrong team, put down more money then you wanted or, after a while, decide you want to increase your wager. This element of the BetMGM Sportsbook allows players to make adjustments to the amount of their wager after it’s been placed. You can even opt to delete the bet entirely and receive your funds back. This is a really helpful option for new bettors.

Mobile App

There are plenty of sports betting sites that provide a user friendly product on their web platform, but when you head to the sportsbook app, it gets overwhelming. That isn’t the case with the BetMGM app. Navigation is incredibly easy and the color pallet is appealing and digestible. Toggling through different sports or betting markets is simple.

For example, in Major League Baseball there are plenty of markets to bet on. Whether it’s the moneyline, total, player props, inning props, the list goes on and on. Instead of having an endless scroll of menu items, BetMGM will set up high volume markets into tables to better be able to find what you’re looking for. You can get a better idea of what this means in the example below. betmgm bonus code As you can see, if you’re targeting a specific player, you can look at a number of different betting markets he’s included in without having to scroll. All you need to do is click on the market, whether it’s home run, hits, RBIs, total runs or singles. This is where BetMGM has a major edge over it’s competitors.

BetMGM Lion’s Boost

Illinois sports betting participants will get boosted odds on some of their favorite teams! The sportsbook will take a regular market bet and enhanced the odds for better value. During the NFL season BetMGM Illinois will have boosted odds on the Chicago Bears or during the summer months they’ll offer the Lion’s Boost for the Chicago White Sox or Chicago Cubs in MLB.

It’s a win win for sports bettors in Illinois as many are likely to already be betting on their local team but with BetMGM they’ll be getting better value and odds than any other sportsbook.

BetMGM Promo

We discussed the offerings of the BetMGM promo ‘OWNERSBOX’ earlier on in this article. What makes the offer from BetMGM so great for sports bettors is that there are options. Usually when signing up for a sportsbook you’ll be given a promotion with no alternative.

BetMGM has one welcome offer available, the $1,000 first bet offer which is suited well for experienced, high bankroll sports bettors.

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