Playoff P is Back

Jun 23- 7 min read

A tremendous choke job by Playoff P and the Clippers last night. There is so much to get into from this game in what was without a doubt the longest final 2 minutes in the history of sports.

Let’s try to get to this game in chronological order, I want to start with the first 40 minutes of this game. When Cam Payne is the games leading scorer you have to think it wasn’t a very efficient shooting night. Paul George was 0/7 from three until the final minutes and Devin Booker was 5/16 from the field. I feel like both of these games could have gone either way so this series is far from over. Apologies to Suns in 4 guy but this thing is probably going 6. Let me be clear though in that I am rooting for the Suns, I have a ticket on them to win the NBA title at +1600.

Now I have to get to a play that got completely lost in the shuffle and NEEDS to be discussed. With 22 seconds left and the Suns down 1, Booker was looking to have the final shot. That scrappy little weasel Pat Beverley knocks the ball out and asks for a replay. When he asks for the replay you can see him admit to his coach and teammates that he knocked it out and just wants time to gameplan the defensive possession. But replay has taken over our brains and somehow this call is overturned and becomes Clippers ball.

These are the types of plays that frustrate me when it comes to replay, this is not why the NBA has instituted it. Beverley is clearly responsible for knocking the ball out and if this wasn’t inside 2 minutes there wouldn’t have even been a second thought on it. But because they can slow this thing down so much they have to make the call the other way.

But folks it was all for not, cause heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Playoff P

Thanks to Playoff Pee Pee this play is forgotten about as George puts the cherry on top of his 5/10 performance at the line and misses both free throws on the ensuing posession. You can’t make this stuff up, just as we thought he turned a corner he BRINGS US RIGHT BACK IN!

Let’s just skip over the Ayton dunk to win this game, great play of course but it’s so embarrassing for the Clippers considering that they clearly knew this play was coming. They had Zubac, Cousins and Batum on the floor for this EXACT REASON and still couldn’t stop it. Chef’s kiss for that one.

I just can’t believe that a team can get away with trying to sub all those guys out to put in their shooters for the half court heave. Reggie Jackson just sat on the baseline for 10 minutes pretending like he’d been in the game all along. As if the referee’s have to go to replay to rectify it. I’d compare it to an iciing in hockey, if the coach just decides to send out an entire new line to the faceoff dot and refuse to take them off the ice until the referees check instant replay they’d be getting a delay of game penalty. Shouldn’t Ty Lue and the Clippers be getting T’d up for that?

Anyway, basketball has taken over as my new number 2 sport, the playoffs have been awesome. We know Paul will be back so hopefully Kawhi does as well and we see these teams battle at full strength.

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