Is Kanye West the modern-day Vincent Van Gogh? 

Aug 6- 6 min read

Kanye West New Album is Delayed. Again.

There is no denying that Kanye West has always been a nut.

Last night, Kanye West live-streamed his new album ‘Donda’  from the Atlanta Mercedes Benz Stadium. The album is named after his mother and has had fans anticipating the release. But leave it to Kanye to (1) not actually drop the album when he said he would and (2) do it in the most obscure and unnormal way possible.

Before this release, Kanye told his fans that he would be dropping the album on July 23rd… it is now August 6th and there is still no album. He also held a preview listening party on July 22nd before delaying the release of his album. Shocker. Kidding not shocking at all actually. 8 of Kanye’s 12 albums have been delayed from the set release date.

You can pre-save Donda which is set to have 24 songs on it and will be released on August 7th, but, I would take that day with a grain of salt.

Part of his album paid homage to Kim Kardashian, who filed for divorce about 6 months ago. Kanye hinted to how he feels like he’s losing his family in one of his songs and how Kim has changed from when they first met.  Kim did attend both of the live events with their 4 kids (North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm).

Pictured is Kanye getting levitated into the air like he is going back to heaven. Interesting.

Is Kanye West Crazy?

Is Kanye West Crazy? Some examples of things he’s done; he (1) interrupted Taylor Swift on stage, (2)  he tweeted “I lowkey don’t fuck with that bitch Stormi”, which was about his infant niece, and (3) he wanted to run for president. So make of those things what you will.

A lot of people do think he’s crazy. But a lot of people also thought Van Gogh was crazy during his time and now his art sells for millions. I guess people today also still think Van Gogh was crazy, but at least now they admire his work.

Kanye West is my favorite artist. He never fails to deliver banger after banger after banger. But in order to do this, you just must be a little crazy. He actually lived in the Mercedes-Benz stadium while finishing his Donda and also was walking around wearing this. Like it’s weird, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get things done.

This reminds me of Phantom of the Opera but with Kanye West and the sports arena. He was apparently so inspired by the crowd that he wanted to stay and finish Donda in the stadium. This is something literally only a rich person can do. If I walked up to someone and said “hey, would you mind if I stay here to finish the album?”, they would look at me like I was crazy, and rightfully so. But for Kanye, let’s allow it.

This album better be iconic for how he keeps making us wait. Who am I kidding? It will be.

Will Donda be the next Starry Nights? I guess we will find out in 132 years.
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