Slowest and Fastest Homerun Trot in the MLB

Jul 6- 4 min read

Slowest Homerun Trot

The Homerun trot is a staple in the MLB and we are starting to see players have rituals they perform after every homerun. Specifically, Fernando Tatis does his stutter step at third baseball.


I have decided to find out who takes the longest to round the bases. A couple players who came to mind include Salvador Perez and Vlad Jr. The three slowest players (according to Baseball Savant) are the following;


3. Manny Machado – 28 Sec

2. Sandy Leon – 28 Sec

1. Nelson Cruz – 28.3 Sec


  • Nelson Cruz is no surprise … He’s a big body who cannot run very fast and literally gets paid to be a designated hitter.
  • Sandy Leon is irrelevant, since he only has 2 Homeruns on the season.
  • MANNY MACHADO! This actually surprised me, I did not expect him to be in this conversation.


Fastest Homerun Trot


I was expecting players like Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and Byron Buxton in this conversation. Instead, I got the following;


3. Adam Eaton – 19.2 Seconds

2. Nick Solak – 18.9 Seconds

1. Tyler O’Neil – 18.6 Seconds


I decided to not include Billy Hamilton because he has only hit 1 homerun.

  • Tyler O’Neil …. WOW! He does have a crazy sprint speed of 29.5 (ft/s), which is ranked top 2% in the MLB. The Canadian caught me off guard having the fastest homerun trot.
  • Nick Solak was also a wildcard on this list! I was surprised to see Solak in the Top 7% in sprint speed.
  • Adam Eaton did not come as a surprise, I have always noticed he rounds the bases fast when he hits a homerun.



Make sure you keep an eye on these players the next time they hit one out of the park!

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