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    Play Weekly Fantasy Basketball On OwnersBox

    Oct 13- 5 min read

    Introducing Weekly Fantasy Basketball On OwnersBox

    OwnersBox is excited to introduce our new weekly fantasy basketball contests live now on the platform. Contests are played over a 7-day period, and are available to play everyday.

    Users can try the game for free today using Promo Code “NBA10”. (One-time use only) Receive a free $10 entry into our $5k contest of the week.

    First time depositors of $10 or more and get $25 Free. 

    OwnersBox offers two different game types to play in for basketball.

    Tournament format

    Users will build a 10-player lineup while staying under the $200,000 salary cap. Salaries are assigned to each player with the number of games played over the 7-days indicated in the lineup builder. With this in mind, game strategy will play a role in the player selection process under this format with some players having two games played and others with four over the week. Therefore, users will have to keep an eye on the game limitations per position. Going over the limits in any position will trigger the ‘Best Ball’ feature explained below.  

    Accumulate the most fantasy points over 7-days and win.

    Key Game Features

    • Going over the game limit will automatically trigger the ‘best ball’ feature. When ‘best ball’ is active, only the best scoring games within your game opportunities will be scored, while the lowest ones are dropped. 
    • Users have the ability to swap players throughout the week. When swapping a player, 20% of the remaining salary from the player you’re dropping will be deducted from the available salary to be used towards a new player.
    • Receive player news notifications after your lineups are built.
    • Contests available to play everyday.


    10 players will be selected in this format.

    • Point Guards x 2 (6-game limit per week)
    • Shooting Guards x 2 (6-game limit per week)
    • Power Forwards x 2 (6-game limit per week)
    • Small Forwards x 2 (6-game limit per week)
    • Centers x 2 (6-game limit per week)

    Scoring System

    • Points Scored: 1 Point
    • Rebound: 1 Point
    • Assist: 1 Point
    • Blocks: 2 Points
    • Steals: 2 Points
    • Turnovers: -1 Point

    Head-to-head format

    Users can participate in a live snake draft to select your team. Contests can feature anywhere from 2-16 participants and last anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Entrants participate in a single-elimination, bracket-style contest. Prizes are paid out weekly, with the contest winner taking the majority of the prize pool.

    Our weekly fantasy basketball contest is now live. Play the $5k Slam Dunk Tuesday contest for free today using Promo Code “NBA10“.  Our 7-day contests will be available to play everyday throughout the season.

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