Netflix has officially run out of ideas: Is Sexy Beasts Good?

Jul 23- 6 min read

Netflix is pulling at teeth trying to come up with new ideas

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Netflix just released a new dating reality show called “Sexy Beasts”. It’s the remake of a UK show that got canceled after one season. Listen, UK has some great TV and some interesting calls. If the UK cancels a TV show after one season, it’s probably best to leave it canceled, but Netflix likes a challenge I guess.

Netflix needs to get their shit together and stop this nonsense. The fact they are creating a dating show where people dress up but canceled the society is the uttermost upset. That show ended on the biggest cliffhanger and I need answers, ASAP.

Concept of the show: each episode features a single guy or girl who can’t seem to find love because of their looks. Either they’re way too obsessed with their looks or are super self-conscious about it. In any way, looks have stopped them from finding their forever person. So what better way to hide someone’s look than to dress them up in prosthetic make-up. A panda going on a date with a bull, how could you not find true love? This show just brings me back to Halloweentown 3, the one where monsters go to high school.

So like the Bachelor where it ends in an engagement or Love Island where you can at least win money, the people on this show just walk away with nothing, including their pride. Basically, the one person will go on a speed date with three beasts, they then will pick two and eventually narrow it down it one. After this eliminate each person. they get to see what good-looking person they missed out on.

Now, imagine going on this show because you’re looks get in the way of dating and then you’re personality doesn’t even cut it. Talk about pouring salt on a wound.

The thing about this show is that because it’s so ridiculous, I will watch it. And because I’m about to watch people dressed up as beasts date each other I will probably find it hilarious which means I’ll end up liking the show. The same thing happened with (a) the circle, (b) love is blind, and (c) too hot to handle.

Apparently, the absurdity works with our generation.

I have yet to watch the show, but I read some articles that said everyone is conventionally attractive. There are no real shockers. If Netflix is going to do a show about covering people’s looks to find “true love”, then I want some shocking surprises. Apparently, everyone’s job is a model, that’s not gonna cut it Netflix. I need people who don’t get paid because of their looks on this show and truly see if they can find love. That’s entertainment.

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