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Jul 14- 6 min read

My Ultimate Reality TV Cast

Reality TV usually gets a bad rep. And I never understood why. It has drama, comedy, fighting, and sometimes horror. Literally, everything that makes a good TV show. If you’re scared to admit that you like reality TV, grow up.

Imagine if you could mix people from the reality TV universe to create your favourite cast. Well today, the Ownersbox interns participated in a draft.

Each person needed to have:

1 Villain, 1 host, 1 all-star, 1 iconic tv moment, 1 best duo, and 1 personal favorite.

And to be completely honest, I personally think my cast would have ratings through the roof if they all did a season together.

Let me walk you through my choices:

Villain: Lisa Vanderpump

If you’ve ever watched Real Housewives or Vanderpump Rules, you know LVP is a villain. Although, I think shes the perfect villain. If LVP, lisa vanderpump, reality villain, reality tvanyone understood the assignment of being on reality TV it was Lisa. She stirred the pot like Hannah Montana. The ladies always say she
manipulated them, and I cannot confim nor deny if I believe this but whatever LVP does on her shows is entertaining. Hats off to the chef, Lisa.






Host: TJ Lavin

I feel like the only right answer for reality tv host is TJ Lavin. If you watch The Challenge, you get it, if you don’t, I would highly recommend. If you don’t believe me, The Challenge is Drake and Rihanna’s favourite TV show.

TJ Lavin, the challenge, reality TV

The show itself is complete chaos, but TJ really is the glue guy. He keeps things fun and light while contestants try to rip each others head offs. He also just laughs at the challengers as they compete in terrifying competitions.




All-Star: Johnny Bananas

When you think made for reality TV, you think of the Johnny Bananas. When you think of iconic reality characters, you think of Johnny Bananas. So its only right to have him as my all-star character. I could probably write a whole essay on Bananas iconic moments but he has the same amount of rings as Tom Brady. I’ll just leave it there. Bananas, johnny bananas, the challenge, reality TV

Iconic TV Moment: Cathy hitting Abbey Lee Miller with a purse

Okay, here it is.

Best Duo: Snooki and JWoww

No one can compare to Snooki and Jwoww’s friendship. Friends that party together, travel together, have kids at the same time and can film 10 seasons together deserve a spot on my draft. A meatball and a spaghetti noodle is the perfect combination. snooki, jwoww, jersey shore, reality Tv

Personal Favourite: Erika Jayne

I picked Erika Jayne as my personal favourite because I think she changed The RHOBH franchise for the better. Her glam and class could not be competed with. She is always level headed which is needed in the RHOBH show. Also one thing I need for someone to be my personal favourite is quotable lines and Erika has got them.

erika jayne, RHOBH, reality tv

Check out Twitter @_danibets to stay updated with everything I want to discuss.

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