The Habs Will Take the Stanley Cup – Who Will They Play?

Jun 25- 4 min read
Habs celebrating their series win against Vegas

The Habs Will Take the Cup – Who Will They Play?

Holy cow, does it feel like 1993 in here or is that just me??! That joke is getting old but I don’t care, THE HABS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!!!!! The question is now, who will they face, and more importantly who do I want them to face?!

habs celebrating their win against the Vegas Golden Knights

Being the first Candian team in 10 years to get a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals is no easy task. No one (except for myself and every other habs fan) saw this coming. Coming off of a rough regular season, the Habs cranked it up a notch in the playoffs, honed their defense, and kept it up with their amazing penalty kill. Unfortunately for the Knights, when you’re playing a strong defensive team and you aren’t able to capitalize off of the one-man advantage on power plays, those chances can really make or break games. We saw this all series long, with many games at a 1 goal differential favoring the Habs.

scoring goals on vegas

In the upcoming finals, the Habs can either face off with Tampa Bay or the Islanders. I would love for them to play the Islanders becuase they are more likely to beat them, statisically than Tampa- but look what happenend with Vegas. The Habs weren’t supposed to win the series, statistically and they still came out on top. With the odds favoring Tampa to beat the Islanders, some heads have turned but realistically I think the Habs could beat anyone, coming off this high.

In the end, for me, it always seems to go to the team who wants it more- and I think waiting since 1993 has really left them wanting it badly.

Thus, I say, RIP TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING, this loss is going to be career-ending for each and every one of you. xoxo

Ps. I hope your own fans don’t boo you, it seems to be a symptom of getting absolutely demolished by the Habs.


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