The Tom Brady Effect is a Real Thing

Jul 8- 6 min read

The Tom Brady effect is alive and well. With the Lightning winning the cup last night, it adds yet another championship to the tally. In case you don’t know what the Tom Brady effect is, it’s that whatever city Brady is currently living in, the sports teams there have a higher chance of winning championships. It doesn’t matter if he plays for the team or not. Sounds crazy right? The data is hard to argue with though.

The Results

The Tom Brady EffectCounting up every major 4 team that has played in the same city as Brady’s residence, there’s the: 49ers, Raiders, Lions, Patriots, Buccaneers, San Francisco Giants, Athletics, Tigers, Red Sox, Rays, Warriors, Pistons, Celtics, Red Wings, Bruins and Lightning.

Here is a list of every major 4 sports team (and Michigan when he played for them), to win a championship while Tom Brady was living in that city.

He lived in the Bay area from birth until 1995 when he moved to Ann Arbor (right outside of Detroit) for his college football career. In 2000 he was drafted by the Patriots and lived in Boston for the next 20 years. Now he currently lives in Tampa Bay as the quarterback for the Bucs, and has so for the past 2 years.

If you count them all up, there has been 25 championships won throughout the 4 major sports while Tom Brady has lived in each city. In his 44 years of existence, 25 championships have been won in his city. That’s absurd.

The Data

Looking deeper into the data, you can see just how crazy these numbers are. Stick with me here for this explanation. There has been 206 total Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey seasons played from teams in the city of Tom Brady’s current (at the time) residence. With 25 championship wins, that means teams have won at a 12.1% rate with Brady there.

In that same time frame, from his birth in 1977 to now, there has been 493 seasons played by those same teams while Brady wasn’t living in that city (at that time). They’ve combined for 17 championship wins without Brady there since 1977. This gives them a championship rate of just 3.1%, meaning these teams have been almost 4 times as likely to win a championship with Tom in the area than without him.

The only sport that saw fewer championships without Brady was Basketball. The Baseball teams saw a championship rate of 7.9% with Brady vs 2.8% without him. Hockey saw 18.5% with him vs 3.2% without. Football had insane numbers with a 22.2% championship rate with him vs just 0.6% without. While the one outlier was Basketball at a 1.8% rate with him vs 9.8% without.

Remember, these numbers are only from the 17 teams I listed above since 1977 when Brady was born.

As weird as it sounds, Brady seems to have an impact on teams just by living in the same city as them. Obviously the super bowl wins with the Patriots and Bucs he had a bit more of an impact on, but the numbers are still wild everywhere else.

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