Nikola Jokic Wins MVP and Here’s Why

Jun 9- 6 min read

Nikola Jokic wins MVP

Weighing in at 288 pounds with a height of 6’9, Nikola Jokic took home the first NBA MVP award as a centerman player for the Denver Nuggets. The last time MVP was awarded to a center player was in 2000 to Shaquille O’Neal, making only five centers in total to be honored with this title. Now to honor Nikola Jokic’s career let’s take a look at how he got here, and what we can learn from him.

Learn what you’re good at

Did Jokic go to college? Answer: no. College isn’t everything. Instead, Jokic played in the Mega Basket where he quickly became a unit that attracted interest to his basketball career. At just the age of 17, Jokic was averaging 1.8 points and 2 rebounds in 10-minute games. Jokic knew that basketball was what he wanted to do and that maybe college was not for him. If you find something, stick to it and perfect it.

Find a hobby

If there is one thing I learned from Jokic winning MVP, it is that it’s important to have hobbies. Jokic is a HUGE horse guy. He used his love for horses to inspire his all-star career in basketball. If you ever need to be athletic, just think “be like a horse”.

 “I just enjoy being around them and seeing their different characteristics. You get to see when they work out that they are basically like us. They are athletes, sprinters. They are magnificent creatures.”

Nikola Jokic with a horse, horses, NBA, basketball player and horses

So if you’re looking to win MVP, just find a hobby to inspire you. And if you fail, get back on that horse.

Take time for yourself

Now I think something we can all learn from Jokic, is that he makes time for himself. In an interview when asked “So what did you do this weekend without practice?”, Jokic simply answered, “I watched Pokemon for five hours.”

Nikola Jokic interview, Pokemon, Nikola Jokic watches Pokemon, NBA,

This is something that I will definitely do when I have free time, I mean maybe not watch Pokemon, but I will definitely watch something. Thanks, Jokic for showing us that watching TV can still help us win MVP.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

Jokic knows where his strengths and weaknesses lie. He has a calm and patient gameplay which can he uses to his benefit. An interviewer once asked him “how do you stay so calm during games?” and in classic Jokic style, he answered “I’m patient because I cannot really run fast. That’s my only option.”  Now, this may be a joke answer, but still, Jokic turned his weakness into a strength, which I something I can definitely do.

Nikola Jokic, NBA, tired, joker, Nikola Jokic the joker

And finally, just be funny.

I mean it’s really not that hard to do. Just be funny. That’s really it. If you want to be MVP status, make sure you through in some jokes here and there. Everyone loves the funny guy.

Congrats Jokic on MVP. You’ve taught us all a little something.

Nikola Jokic is funny, NBA player making a joke, laughing, NBA player funny, funny interviews NBA


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