How Does Fantasy Baseball Work?

Jun 16, 2022 . 23 min read

What is Fantasy Baseball?

Fantasy baseball is a game that enables users to build their best lineup of players, then get points based on the performance of the real-life MLB players. Fantasy baseball contests are either played as DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) style-contests or Head-2-Head weekly contests.

Players consist of 4 infielders, 3 outfielders, and 1 pitcher, and 1 SuperFlex slot to build your best 9-player lineup. Points are accumulated based on hitting, including single, walk, hit by pitch, double, triple, home run, run batted in, run scored, stolen base, strikeout, picked off, and caught stealing.

While each fantasy baseball league has its own specific set of rules for playing, competitors of all skill levels can participate. Choose your league carefully – some leagues don’t allow you to play against friends, customize league settings, and restrict how often you can pick a new team or new player (leaving competitors stuck with injured players).

Fantasy Baseball with OwnersBox

Fantasy baseball contests are live now on the OwnersBox platform. Fantasy MLB contests can be entered any day of the week. Choose between SuperFlex Daily contests or Head-2-Head weekly contests.

SuperFlex DFS contests enable users to select their 9-player roster consisting of 4 infielders, 3 outfielders, and 1 pitcher, and 1 SuperFlex slot. Users can submit one roster or multiple rosters in contests that can include thousands of other users. Users can then watch their roster accumulate points over each daily contest.
In SuperFlex DFS games, users select 9 players while staying under the $50,000 salary cap. Users find the fantasy MLB player they want from the player list and add them to their team. Pro tip: It’s important to always keep in mind the salary cap so that you aren’t left short when completing your roster.
Head-2-Head contests are single-elimination bracket-style contests in a live snake draft format. Users select their 9 player roster consisting of 4 infielders, 3 outfielders, and 2 pitchers. Prizes are paid out weekly. The winner of each contest takes the majority of the prize pool. Each contest has anywhere between 2 to 16 participants and lasts from 1 to 4 weeks. The best part being that if you continue to win, you are paid weekly, even in multi-week contests.

Here’s what makes OwnersBox fantasy baseball unique:

  • Contests are available to play every day.
  • You can make strategic adjustments daily based on performance or injuries.
  • Receive player news notifications after your teams are built.
  • SuperFlex feature in daily contests.

How to Join a Fantasy Baseball League?

Joining a fantasy baseball league is easy.

Choose Your Contest.

Select either SuperFlex DFS or Head-2-Head.

Pick your Players.

Select a 9 player roster.

Manage Your Team, Watch and Win.

Live alerts and player stats help you stay on top of your contest.

What is Head-To-Head Fantasy Baseball?

With Head-2-Head matchups, users get to draft their team and compete daily. Competitions are bracket-style and rosters are selected through a Snake Draft. This means the order of who picks/drafts is reversed each round. For example, Round 1 will have the draft order as User 1, User 2, User 3, User 4. And Round 2 will have the draft order as User 4, User 3, User 2, User 1.

The matchup types include:

2 Team
(1-week duration)

Two people compete over the course of 7 days, with the winner taking the prize pool.

4 Team
(2-week duration)
Four people compete in a Head-2-Head bracket-style contest, each for 7 days. The two winners get paid, then move to the next round and play the following week.
8 Team
(3-week duration)

Eight people compete over a 7 day period. The winners move on to the next round and play each other, until the completion of the contest. In total, eight team contests take three weeks from start to finish.

16 Team
(4-week duration)
Sixteen people compete over the course of 7 days. The winners move on to the next round and play each other until the completion of the contest.

Users can also choose to play in private, public, or group-specific matchups.

Each Head-2-Head contest gives players a fair chance of filling their rosters with a good set of players and each contestant will have their own unique team (since no player can be drafted by multiple contestants, and rosters are not predetermined).

Players have one minute to select their players during the draft. If players are not selected within this timeframe, the remaining players are auto-drafted.

Head-2-Head game opportunities are:

  • Infielders- 28 game opportunities
  • Outfielders – 17 game opportunities
  • Pitchers – 3 game opportunities

What is a SuperFlex DFS Contest?

A SuperFlex DFS contest with OwnersBox enables users to compete daily and enter multiple entries. When you sign up for a SuperFlex DFS contest, the first step is choosing your 9 players from the player list within the $50,000 salary cap. Users can submit one roster or multiple rosters in contests that vary in size up to thousands of participants.

How To Draft Fantasy Baseball

Your fantasy baseball 9 player roster is made up of the following positions:

4 Infielders
3 Outfielders
1 Pitcher
1 SuperFlex
(IF, OF, or P)

How Does Fantasy Baseball Scoring Work?

Your roster accumulates points based on the below stat lines. This applies to both Tournament contests and Head-2-Head contests.


= 3 points

= 2 points
Hit by pitch
= 2 point
= 6 points
= 2 points
Home Run
= 12 points
Run Batted in
= 3 points
Run Scored
= 2 point
Stolen Base
= 4 point
= -0.5 point
Caught Stealing
= -1 point
Picked Off
= -1 point


= 3 points

= 3 points
= 6 points
= 3 points
= 6 points
Hit allowed
= -0.5 points
Walk allowed
= -0.5 points
Hit batter
= -0.5 points
Earned run
= -3 points

For SuperFlex DFS Contests: Your total fantasy points are an accumulation of your player’s fantasy points from the games they played that day.

For Head-2-Head Contests: Your total fantasy points are an accumulation of your player’s fantasy points from the games they played. Once your players have reached the game limit assigned to their position, future games will not count.

What If There’s a Tie?

For SuperFlex DFS Contests: Ties mean the prizes are split between the users who tie. For example, if two people tie for 1st then they split the sum of 1st place and 2nd place prize.
For Head-2-Head Contests: At the conclusion of the draft, a randomizer will determine who you are matched up against for the first round. The randomizer also assigns a gold coin that represents who wins in the event of a tie.

What Happens If a Player’s Position Changes After the Draft or Contest Creation?

For SuperFlex DFS Contests: Player’s positions will be set when the contest is created and will stay that position for the duration of the contest. If a player’s position changes after the contest has been created then only new contests will have that player’s new position.
For Head-2-Head Contests: Player positions will be set at the start of your fantasy baseball contest’s draft and will stay that position for the duration of the contest. If a player’s position changes after the draft’s initiation, only new contests will have the player’s new position.

Trading and Transactions in Fantasy Baseball

Head-2-Head Contests: You can swap players, activate them, and bench them throughout the contest. You can swap up to two players each week. If you win a contest, your swaps are refreshed for the next contest, giving you two new swaps.

Tips For Fantasy Baseball Beginners

Add players to your queue. By doing so, you’ll have an auto-draft in place, which will offer you protection in the chance that the time limit is reached during the live snake draft. It’s better to be left with a player you’re familiar with than a random player you’ve never heard of before.
Pay attention to your game opportunities. It’s easy to forget about the game opportunities, but this number is crucial to your potential success since they represent the total available games to earn Fantasy Points. Keep an eye on them in order to maximize your games.
Draft the best pitchers and shortstop. Choosing both a solid pitcher and shortstop should be high on your list for your fantasy baseball contests.

Ready to Play Fantasy Baseball?

OwnersBox is an innovative sports-tech company disrupting the way consumers play fantasy Baseball. We’re passionate about building a best-in-class fantasy sports platform that will provide a superior experience to millions of baseball fans worldwide.
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