Super Wild Card Weekend: OwnersBox Contest Primer

Jan 10- 7 min read
Wild Card Weekend OwnersBox Contest Primer

Super Wild Card Weekend: OwnersBox Contest Primer

The regular season is over. It’s time for some Super Wild Card Weekend action! Here are the special contests on OwnersBox this week:

OwnersBox Super Wild Card Weekend

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$10k Super Wild Card Weekend Contest (Saturday – Monday)

$2.5k Saturday Only Contest

$5k Sunday Only Contest 

Use Promo Code “DREW9” for a FREE $10 Entry this week!

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Quarterback Rankings – Super Wild Card Weekend

Running Back Rankings – Super Wild Card Weekend

Wide Receiver Rankings – Super Wild Card Weekend

Tight End Rankings – Super Wild Card Weekend







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2 Quarterbacks You Need: OwnersBox Super Wild Card Weekend Contest

2 Running Backs You Need: OwnersBox Super Wild Card Weekend Contest

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2 Undervalued Players: OwnersBox Super Wild Card Weekend Contest

Reviewing The Week 18 Winning Lineup


The SuperFlex format offers a new strategic alternative to daily and season-long play. The OwnersBox SuperFlex format is all about the offense, all the time. Users will build their 9-player lineup while staying under the $50,000 salary cap. The SuperFlex position, the main differentiator of the contest, gives the user the option to select an additional quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or tight end. Ultimately, it makes the quarterback a premium position versus other fantasy formats. For beginners, it’s a much more appealing game option with a more offensive outlook, and for experts, it takes away the luck and randomness, making it more skilled and highly competitive.

OwnersBox SuperFlex Strategy

Adding a SuperFlex spot allows versatility in your lineup construction. You now have the option of starting 2 quarterbacks instead of 1, boosting the value of all quarterbacks. This is unique to the OwnersBox game format versus other platforms. If you really like the prices on some lower-end RBs and WRs.

You also have the versatility to completely ignore the quarterback position. Take 1 low-priced player filling that SuperFlex spot with another position, and load up on high-tier running backs and receivers. The best part is, since you set weekly lineups, you’re able to experiment with different tactics every week to try and find the optimal strategy to take home the money.

Here are the details of what your 9-player SuperFlex roster will look like on OwnersBox:


Once your lineup is constructed, here is how you will earn fantasy points.

Rushing / Receiving yards = 1 point per 10 yards
Passing / Return yards = 1 point per 20 yards
Receptions = 1 point
Touchdowns = 6 points
Interceptions = -3 points
Fumbles Lost = -3 points
Sacks Surrendered = -1 point
Two-Point Conversions = 2 points


Use Promo Code “DREW9” for a FREE $10 entry into one of our Wild Card Weekend contests!

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