Fantasy Basketball: How to Guide for Beginners
Jun 10- 6 min read

Want to join a fantasy basketball draft?

Either you’re here because your significant other is obsessed with basketball, your friends are forcing you to do a draft to increase the winning pool or you’re generally interested in how fantasy basketball works. In any which way, this is an easy and complete guide on how you can navigate through a fantasy draft.

Okay so let me break down the overall idea of a fantasy draft. Imagine your 5 favorite TV shows. Got it. Good. Now, you can only pick one character from each show to then create an ultimate cast. It’s the same with fantasy basketball, except you’re building one ultimate basketball team as if you were a general manager trying to win the ship (championship, the ship is just what non-casuals call it).

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How does it work?

So, once you gathered your friends, it’s time for draft day. Draft day is just a fancy way of saying “it’s time to pick your players for the rooster”. *Pro-tip: do your research beforehand on who you want to pick as you will probably only have a minute to make your pick. *

On draft day, you will typically do a snake draft. In a snake draft, each player is assigned a number and that is the order in which you pick. So, let’s say you have 6 people in your draft, the first-round pick would go first to sixth, but the second-round pick would go sixth to first and it would keep looping until you have all 13 players.

However, you should make sure you have more than 13 players researched because if you want let’s say Trae Young, but the person before you already took him then you will have to pick a different player. Within the draft, no one can have the same player on their teams.

How many players do I pick?

A basketball team is made up of 13 players, (six forwards, five guards, and two centers) with five players on the court at all times. You would have to pick 13 players from any of the NBA teams to complete this 13-team rooster. Because you only have 13 players, you want to make sure you pick wisely. Check out this article () for the most valuable players this season.

So how are points earned?

Let me explain. So, the first thing we need to figure out is your league an 8-cat or a 9-cat (cat is just short for categories).

An 8-category point system takes into consideration – points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, threes, FG% (field goal percentage), and FT% (free throw percentage).

9 category point system – takes all the above but also includes turnovers.

Where can I play?

Head on over to Make an account and once you’re set-up, all you have to do is pick your rooster and enjoy the great game of Basketball (and maybe a little extra cash).

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