Picking my Salary Cap Lineup

Jun 29- 7 min read

Picking my MLB salary cap lineup based on…

who I would bring as a plus one to a wedding.

When I go to a wedding, I want to have a good time. So why not pick my team for this week’s contest based on who I think would be a fun date to a wedding.

How does the salary cap contest work?

Put yourself in the shoes of a General Manager, cause essentially you’re doing their job. You start with $200,000 dollars and you have to pick your team based on who you want and who you can afford. You need to create a team with 5 infielders, 3 outfielders, and 2 pitchers. Once you got your team, you submit and wait for the real money to roll in. Check it out now ownersbox.com and use code DANIBETS5 for ($5 free)* to enter your first contest.

Okay so now what you’ve probably been waiting for!

salary cap contest, ownersbox

My roster based on who I would take as a plus one to a wedding

Fernando Tatis Jr

MLB, fernando tatis jr, padres

First up we got Fernando Tatis Jr, his hair alone is a reason I would want him as a plus one. But I mostly choose him solely because of this quote

Pardon the interruption to your scheduled content. I’ve been asked to apologize for changing the game. Apparently, I’ve been breaking the unwritten rules of baseball, I’m sorry if things got too exciting and this isn’t the game that you remember

I mean if my date doesn’t have to apologize for making things too exciting…I don’t want it.

Mookie Betts

Ohh Mookie. Watch this video and tell me you don’t want him as a date.

Johnny Cueto

Johnny Cueto. Mr.Shimmy. It’s important to have a guy who can dance at the wedding…especially a shimmy. The mothers of the bride and groom would love him.

Jose Altuve

Listen, we have to love our short kings.


Will Smith

If I told everyone my date’s name was Will Smith, I’d get so much clout…no one has to know it’s not actually the actor.


Chris Flexen

To be completely honest, I have no reason why I would take him, but I needed someone cheap to add to my list, so here we are Chris.

Willi Castro

A guy who knows when its time to take a break is a guy you want as your date. You can’t over exerate yourself on the dance floor.

Harold Castro

A guy who passes a test with class, is a plus one for me.

Kris Bryant

A guy who was a meme character is a guy who  parties.

Tim Lacastro

To be honest, I also don’t really know why I picked him, other than I had only $10,000 left to spend and he was cheap.

This is a winning team in my eyes. If you choose this players tweet at me and show me how you did @_danibets

*The promo code is only for one time use and must be same value contest.

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