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Christian is a 24 year old corporate sell out currently living in Santa Monica, California. Christian was born and raised in San Diego, California and is arguably the biggest San Diego Padres fan on the planet. Outside of the Padres, Christian cheers for his alma mater, USC, anyone playing against the disgraced Los Angeles Chargers, and whatever team he bet on that day.

Jul 21 . 3 min read

Sandy Owes Chris Paddack A Thank You

Earlier this morning I was sitting at my desk, drinking a cup of coffee, trying to figure out how I was going to get through my 9-5 corporate job, when I got a Twitter notification on my phone. Back on the #Padres ML this morning for Paddack day… If they

Jul 17 . 2 min read


As if being an All-Star wasn't enough… Jake Cronenworth has the third cycle in #Padres history! — San Diego Padres (@Padres) July 17, 2021 JAKE CRONENWORTH HAS HIT FOR THE 3RD CYCLE IN SAN DIEGO PADRES HISTORY!!! The man who was once considered a throw in in the trade

Jul 16 . 6 min read

My Padres Trade Deadline Wish List

I’ve been a diehard San Diego Padres fan for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately that means for most of my life, I’ve had to sit through year after year of complete and utter failure. Fortunately for my mental health, things have started to turn around, including ending a

Jul 16 . 3 min read

Why Are the Texas Longhorns so Soft?

It is only fair that I preface this blog by letting everyone know that I graduated from the University of Southern California. I am also the son of two parents who graduated from USC so it’s impossible to not have a slight bias against the University of Texas. Now that